TIME SENSITIVE! Special Opportunity with CoachKristen

Big news.  This is important. I need you to really think about who you know that might need this message about a Special Opportunity to join my Beachbody team.

I recently promoted to a new level in Beachbody which gives me the chance to share a really great opportunity with a few people. I essentially have a new “ground floor” to offer the right people.


Here’s what I’m looking for – a male or female with one or more of these qualities:

  1. Someone who is successful in business but is really tired of working for someone else.
  2. Someone who leads a busy life, but wants more fulfillment.
  3. Someone who is willing to work hard and invest in themselves, but needs some direction.
  4. Someone who is staying home with kids and loves it, but wants to have his/her own “thing” and bring in some additional income.
  5. Someone who loves health and fitness.
  6. Someone who wants to earn free trips/cruises every year.
  7. Someone who pays way too much in taxes and wants a break.

Do any of those sound like you or someone you know? Please go here to submit your info!

Want more information about what Coaching is all about first? Check out this Webinar:


Please share this message with anyone who meets these criteria (or you otherwise think might be interested!) and have them go here to submit their info.