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Kristen_LinkedIn_FinalAs a Niche Marketing Specialist, I help small business owners EARN MORE MONEY and REACH MORE PEOPLE through targeted, intentional marketing strategies.

★ Stop Marketing to Everyone and Reaching No One
✔ Are you a new or existing small business owner spending money on marketing and social media ads but getting little or no return on investment?
✔ Are you looking for a way to feel less "salesy" in your social media posts or other marketing?
✔ Are you wondering why your funnel is either dry or filled with the "wrong" prospects?

★ As a Business Marketing Consultant, I Specialize in:
✔ Identifying a highly targeted niche market that you love to serve
✔ Learning the "native language" of your ideal client so that you will be heard by the right people in a very crowded marketplace
✔ Determining where and how to engage and connect with your ideal client so you know exactly where to focus your marketing efforts to be most effective

★ Getting this Part of your Business Nailed Down Leads to:
✔ Your best fit client coming to you – ready to buy what you have to offer
✔ Less wasted time and money on ineffective marketing
✔ Customers/clients/team members you like and with whom you enjoy working
✔ The ability to charge more for your highly focused & targeted expertise

For over a decade, I have been an entrepreneur and network marketer, using my degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology (Exercise Science), as well as lots of research, personal development, and studying successful people, to build thriving businesses. Over time, I have come to see a growing need to share what I know with others looking to build a business in a way that is not only effective, but also authentic and personalized.

Get get a free template you can use to find out what words will attract your ideal client!

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denise cowen"When I had my consultation with Kristen, I had just started a new business. I had an idea of who my target market was, but wanted to make sure I was set up to build my client base quickly and in a way that felt genuine to me. Kristen helped me fine tune my niche a bit and then showed me that I could take the tools provided by my company and tweak them in a way that would reach my target market more effectively. It was so helpful to have someone assist me in figuring out the language to use that would be specific to my niche and improve my chances of attracting my ideal clients." – Denise C.

lauren shakowski"I can't believe how much Kristen helped me to open up and uncover about my business! I'd been struggling to find ways that differentiated me in a direct sales business and was done being seen as just another 'consultant.' During my session with Kristen, she asked questions and dug deep to help me to uncover what I truly enjoyed about my business. After discovering my true passion, she helped me develop a clear picture of my target market and the best ways to reach and connect with them!" – Lauren S.

chris williams"During our coaching session, Kristen had me answering questions that needed to be answered. Her consultation and questions was extremely helpful because it forced me to go beyond the surface to identifying what I really provide for my clients. Kristen's coaching session led me to look at how I truly help my clients and gave me clarity on who is my exact target market. As a result, I changed the language in my marketing materials to match what my clients really want and hire me for." – Chris W.

Ways to work with Kristen (Payment Plans Available for anything over $200):

Private VIP 4 Hour Coaching Session – $497

A half day one-on-one session (or 2 two-hour sessions) with me to hone in on your specific, individual needs including but not limited to your niche, your marketing avatar, and attraction strategies.

Group NICHE to Sell Coaching Program – Currently Closed – Join my Email list for a Free Gift and Watch for Announcements for Future Groups!

A program incorporating tools, resources and coaching for determining your niche market and designing a strategy to reach them.

NicheFit 60 Minute Discovery Consultation – $79

Want to chat, get some actionable strategies and resources, and create a plan to get your Niche "nailed down?" This one hour session will allow me to assess your needs and share some tools and tips to get you started while helping you pick the best option(s) for ongoing work together for you to consider.  The cost of this session can be applied to additional coaching packages.