What’s YOU Got To Do With It?

antiK imageThe first step in my NICHEFit Formula, the “N”, stands for “Nail down your story”. Truth be told, I really wanted it to be “kNow yourself”, but having that silly silent k before the N just wouldn’t work for me.

So, why is knowing YOUR story the first step in a system I created to help you attract ideal clients with ease? It’s in the first word of that phrase: ATTRACT. Who you are and who you portray yourself to be is what the outside world will see and they will either be attracted, repelled, or indifferent.  It’s all good. None of us can be all things to all people and we don’t need to be.

who are you

In order for this whole process to work and allow you to attract the right people with less effort, before you sit down to identify your ideal client characteristics and determine how to market to them, you need to start with knowing yourself first. Your ideal client needs to be someone to whom you not only want to sell stuff, but typically, it’s also going to be someone with whom you enjoy working. Even though you don’t need to love everything about your clients, it’s a pretty good start to make sure you at least LIKE them and certainly don’t actively DISLIKE them. Trying to attract people you don’t like is NO FUN.

Let’s face it. Our ideal clients typically have a lot in common with us.  In fact, they usually ARE us, just in a version that pre-dates using the product or service you now offer.  

Consider these simple examples:

A skin care consultant who cured her skin condition using her product

Ideal Client: someone who has the same skin condition

A realtor who started her business because she was tired of the poor treatment she received from realtors due to her small budget

Ideal Client: someone who has a small budget and is tired of the poor treatment she gets form realtors

In these types of examples, if you are selling a product or service that got you from Point A to Point B, your ideal client is you when you were at Point A. Even when it’s not quite that simple, there is typically a BIG part of who YOU are wrapped up in the characteristics of your ideal client, which makes it a lot easier to describe them, right? And it should also help you realize that attracting them often starts with simply telling YOUR story well.

The first step in my NICHEFit Formula consists of answering questions about yourself and your story as it relates to your product/service/business. Even though many people initially don’t see the point of answering questions about themselves in a program designed to help with marketing to others, these questions will lead you to some ideal client characteristics that you might not have come up with in any other method. 

know yourself to niche yourself

As one of my students said in a workshop once, “You have to know yourself to NICHE yourself.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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